Why have you decided to become involved in UTC Portsmouth?

Working with UTC Portsmouth is extremely rewarding as we are involved in the day to day activities which help in shaping the lives of future talent. Being able to promote engineering as a fun and exciting topic is an amazing opportunity for us and it’s a great platform to interact with the students as well. Additionally, we involve our early careers employees, including industrial placement students who are currently running the Engineering Project at the UTC. Here is what they had to say:

“I didn’t really appreciate maths all that much when I was in high school. It wasn’t until my second year of college that I was fortunate enough to have a teacher that genuinely got me enthusiastic about maths. In fact, that teacher was one of the main reasons I went on to university to study a joint honours degree with maths. I see the work with UTC Portsmouth as a great opportunity to try to get high school pupils more engaged with maths and STEM subjects in general,” – Izunna

“Hosting weekly challenge sessions at UTC Portsmouth has enabled me to improve on skillsets that lie outside my current role in industry. The sessions also provide an opportunity to promote industrial links, with the effect of hopefully encouraging more young people into STEM roles - addressing the growing demand for qualified STEM professionals,” - Curtis

What events, projects or student work have you participated in so far?

We currently assist the UTC with guest lectures, work experience weeks, site visits, career advice and a key engineering project, which is being run by our engineering industrial placement students this year.

How will you look to raise the profile of BAE Systems at UTC Portsmouth?

We try to get our early careers employees to be more involved with the UTC as we believe that when the students see young, talented and motivated people working in the STEM industry, it encourages them to be involved as well. It triggers them to ask questions about the company and our training schemes, what we do and how we do it, which raises the profile of BAE Systems immensely. Additionally, we ensure that we participate in major UTC events such as Progression Week so that the students can interact with us and learn about our company. Aside from that, we also make sure the company is advertised within the college, with photos, videos, artefacts etc. which helps ensure that the students are aware of our work.

What apprenticeship opportunities does BAE Systems offer and at what levels?

All the apprenticeship opportunities and related details are available in BAE Systems’ UK website: https://www.baesystems.com/en/careers/careers-in-the-uk/apprenticeships

What careers could UTC Portsmouth leavers hope to go into at BAE Systems?

There are numerous career paths school leavers can pursue at BAE Systems. These include engineering, technology, operations, manufacturing, project management, quality and supply chain management. Following completion of our training programmes, typical job roles undertaken are:

• Engineering - associate engineer in disciplines and functions including electrical/electronic, mechanical, civil, design, test & trials, and field support.

• Operations & manufacturing – fitter in electrical, mechanical or pipe manufacture, machinist, or fabricator/welder

• Project management – associate project officer, business-winning support In many cases, following training via our apprenticeship or graduate programmes, individuals often work in different functions to broaden their experience and knowledge of how the business

operates and to develop their skills.

Aside from their recognised qualifications, what skills would you expect leavers from UTC Portsmouth to have?

We apply a rigorous selection process which will enable us to recruit young people into our early careers schemes who have the right personal attributes, academic attainments and technical potential to fulfil our future capability needs. Some of the behaviours and skills which we look for candidates to demonstrate are team working, excellent communication skills and an ability to problem solve. We also look for examples of following our company values of trusted, innovative and bold.

Here is what some of our engineering higher apprentices had to say about our schemes:

“The apprenticeship offered very good qualifications and experience which really appealed to me... I’d heard nothing but good things about the scheme so decided I wanted to be a part of it. If you think the apprenticeship is something you would enjoy then go for it. Don’t feel like it’s something you can’t do. Be confident in yourself,” - Jade

“I get the opportunity to move around the business and work in a variety of different placements. This gives me a good insight into how the business works, as well as lots of experience. It also enables me to try lots of things and make a decision about what sort of job I would like to do once my apprenticeship ends,” - Rachel