Curriculum design and delivery

We work closely with our employer partners to ensure that the curriculum we deliver equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their chosen future career. The qualifications we offer are checked regularly to ensure they equip our students with the confidence, academic knowledge and the practical and employability skills necessary to thrive in industry.

There are also opportunities for specialists from our employer partners to come in to assist in the delivery of elements of our curriculum. We were delighted to welcome CPO Andy Hampson and CSgt 'Scraggy' Hulton into the college to assist with the delivery of Unit 15 (Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic control) of the OCR Level 3 Engineering Diploma.   The pair are employed as specialist Engineering Skills Instructors on the Royal Navy's UTC Outreach Team, which is part of a wider initiative to support STEM education across the country.  CPO Andy Hampson said, "It's great to be in this fantastic college working with some really bright and enthusiastic students.  I started working for the Outreach Team before the college was built and it is really encouraging to see how far it has come in the short time since it opened."