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  • Employers

Our employers help shape the curriculum to ensure our students are highly skilled, knowledgeable and ready to take on the next challenge when they leave us, whether that is university, an apprenticeship or employment.

How and why are employers involved in the UTC Portsmouth?

Our employer partners are fully committed to UTC Portsmouth through a common aim in providing ambitious young people with a clear goal in life – to reach their potential, whilst also generating employees for the future.

We are working with an excellent and exciting range of employers:

Hear more about why they are involved with us both from a large employers perspective:

And from one who is growing:


Employer engagement with UTC Portsmouth students will include:

• Leadership and practical support in the creation and maintenance of a series of high quality, work related student projects.

• Mentoring support to students and staff for projects.

• Practical resources, access to equipment, site visits and guest speakers.

• Guidance, expertise and experience in interview techniques.

• Work experience.

Employers will demonstrate how theoretical concepts have very real and exciting practical applications within their organisations. This offer does not currently exist in Portsmouth schools or the surrounding area and will open up a range of different pathways, career opportunities and learning experiences for UTC Portsmouth.