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The Board of Trustees have established committees with delegated authority to make decisions, and for the purpose of providing advice and support, informing the overall work of the Board of Trustees. These committees are not legally responsible or accountable for statutory functions – the Board of Trustees retain overall accountability and responsibility.

Each committee have over-arching responsibilities:

  • to maintain a strategic overview of the college's people planning and consider appropriate strategies/interventions for improvement;

  • to contribute to the construction of the School Strategic Plan (SSP) / Self Evaluation Form (SEF) for that area;

  • to bring any items of concern to the attention of the Board of Trustees for inclusion in the Risk Register;

  • to report and make recommendations as appropriate to the Board of Trustees on  issues relating to the area of committee responsibility.

Each committee has specific focus:

Operations Committee - Chair, Dave Goodall

  • Finance

  • Premises

  • Health and Safety

  • Human Resources

Education Committee - Chair, Steve Labedz

  • Curriculum and Standards

  • Safeguarding and Welfare

  • SEN

  • Employer Engagement

  • Independent Careers Advice and Guidance

Audit Committee - Chair, Vaughan Meir

  • Audit Arrangements and system of internal controls, risk management and governance processes