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Work experience case study - Airbus

We spoke to three of our sixth form students who completed work experience with our employer partner Airbus, to see what they did and what they took from the opportunity.

Why did you choose UTC Portsmouth for Sixth Form?

Laura: It is focused around STEM and I am interested in having a future in engineering which requires qualifications in STEM subjects. Also, the links that UTC have with big companies.

Sam: It has a strong link with engineering companies.

Murray: The fact it specialises in STEM and it has great links with employer partners made me believe UTC is the best option for me.

Did you have any careers in mind before you started at UTC Portsmouth?

Laura: I have always wanted to become a pilot or aeronautical engineer. I have been keen to work with Airbus since starting at UTC Portsmouth.

Murray: Theoretical physicist or aeronautical engineer, I know that sounds quite broad but those are the areas that I enjoy at the moment.

What contact have you had with Employer Partners since your time in Sixth Form?

Laura: I had help from Portsmouth University and Land Rover BAR for my Gold Crest Award. I also did work experience with Airbus last year and went back again for a week in October. I spoke to a range of employers at our Careers Networking event to get an idea of what else is available to me once I leave UTC Portsmouth.

Sam: Within the first month of starting at UTC Portsmouth I worked on the Royal navy Challenge 2018 as part of my Training options. I then took the opportunity to go to Airbus for additional work experience.

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What drew you to Airbus?

Laura: Their link with planes, commercial and military. They also have a base in Portsmouth and although I don’t want to stay here forever, it is nice to know that there are local links to explore.

Sam: I was initially drawn to their air travel programme but now I like the look of their satellite work - I didn’t know Airbus were so heavily involved in this side of things and that has been the main benefit of going out on work experience with them.

Murray: Their defence and space program were always a draw to me and that they are a local employer - the links are there and easy to make.

How has Airbus helped to develop your career aspirations?

Laura: They showed me the different types of jobs they have, some that I didn’t know existed. Although I am also applying to university, I hope that their graduate roles will be an much of an interest to me if I decide to go down that route.

Murray: The path I have decided to take after college has changed and my knowledge on what to do has improved. This is all down to the work I have done with Airbus so far - and I have only been at UTC Portsmouth for 2 months!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Laura: Training to become a pilot, or already having a career in aviation depending on which route I choose to go down. For my EPQ project I researched into the effects of turbulence so I am always looking to increase my knowledge around the aviation industry.

Sam: Airbus apprenticeship programme assuming that I continue to do well on my course. I am really enjoying it so far though.

Murray: I would like to go to university at the moment, I would then look at graduate roles within Airbus.