Students take part in Junior Leaders’ Field Gun Competition 2018

Six of our Sixth Formers join fellow students from 11 University Technical Colleges (UTCs) to run in the prestigious Junior Leaders’ Field Gun Competition (JLFG) later this week. The competition has been organised by the Royal Navy and will take place at HMS Collingwood in Fareham.

The Royal Navy Executive Committee who selected the teams said they had been “overwhelmed” by the number of applications they received, so our students did very well to get the opportunity to be involved. One application was from a military academy in the United States.

JLFG is a modified version of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Field Gun aimed at youths aged 16-24. The competition itself is designed to take young people with no previous field gun experience and mould them within five days into a competitive team. To achieve this the Royal Navy provides each team with a fully qualified trainer.  

Teams will be running against trainees from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, as well as those from the National Sea Cadets, local colleges and an invitational team from the Missouri Military Academy.

Being involved in the competition will give our students the chance to learn and enhance important skills valued by the Royal Navy and other employers including; teamwork, stamina, courage, competitive spirit and discipline.