Strategy the key at our sixth form social

There was a great turn out for our sixth form social event at the beginning of July, with many of our new students starting in September taking the opportunity to come along and meet staff and other students. The event took place at Action Stations in Portsmouth’s historic dockyard with students getting to know each other over a variety of strategy board games.

Principal Ciaran O’Dowda was really impressed with how quickly they got to grips with the various board games on offer: “It was great to meet so many of our new students and to see how easily everyone joined in with the games and got to know their fellow students. I think the laser quest games also went down really well and got people working together as part of a team.”

Zoe Bowbrick and Molly Cooper both enjoyed meeting other students who will be studying alongside them at UTC Portsmouth at the event.

Zoe, from Springfield School, has chosen to study maths, physics and geography A level. “I am really looking forward to joining UTC Portsmouth in September. I knew I wanted to go into engineering and other colleges I looked at just don’t have the same facilities as they aren’t set up as a STEM college.


Molly, who also came from Springfield School, opted for the Level 3 Mechanical Engineering course. “Not many colleges offered the course that I wanted to study and I felt UTC Portsmouth would be a good place to choose as it has brand new facilities.

“I’ve always been a hands on student so engineering was something that really stood out and appealed to me.”

Sixth forms students also have the chance to get to know each other as part of the UKSA Water Sports Week in August ahead of starting at UTC Portsmouth when it opens this September.