Work experience case study - Apollo

We spoke to three of Nathan, who went Apollo Motor Group for his work experience in Year 10, to see what he did and what he took from the opportunity.

Why did you choose UTC Portsmouth?

Because I have a keen interest in engineering, particularly in automotive and mechanics in general. I hoped there would be plenty of opportunity to explore both of these angles whilst studying here.

Did you have any careers in mind before you started at UTC Portsmouth?

I always wanted to go into some form of automotive engineering, or mechanics. I love working with cars but also with bikes as well.

What contact have you had with Employer Partners since starting here?

In Year 10 I did the Royal Navy challenge, followed by work experience with Apollo Motor Group which gave me a real insight into what I wanted to do once I had left UTC Portsmouth. After this I worked with BAE on the projectile launcher project. Since starting Year 11 I have continued to build my relationship with Apollo Motor Group through my Enrichment group that also involved Southsea Cycles.

What drew you to Apollo Group?

They are a local company who were well represented at our open events and careers workshops. They have a lot going on within the company and a lot of different areas that interest me.

How have Apollo Group helped to develop your career aspirations?

They have given me really valuable experience, some of the things I had never heard and some are not directly related to engineering, but it has really opened my eyes to what is available and what I have to do in UTC Portsmouth to get there.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Iā€™d like to be working with Apollo Motor Group, but if I could specialise in one area it would be spraying and paint. My long term goal would be to open up my own business that would make use of the business engineering units that I have completed here alongside the work experience I have gained so far.