University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are places of integrated academic, technical and practical education for 14–19 year olds, working alongside employers and university. They create an environment where students can thrive and develop abilities that industry needs.


To do this a UTC:

► Focuses on one or two technical specialisms.

► Works with employers and a local university to develop and deliver their curriculum.

► Provides essential academic education and relates this to technical specialisms.

► Has the latest equipment and technology used by industry.

► Dedicates at least 40% of time to the technical specialism.

By working with a university and local employers, UTC students benefit from access to:

► The latest research, industry experts and specialist facilities.

► Real-life employer projects that stretch their technical skills and creative thinking.

► Teaching and mentoring from specialists who currently work and haved worked in industry.

UTCs are smaller than traditional schools and colleges. Last year, UTCs had 1,292 leavers at 18 years old and only five were NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training). 44% went to university (national average 38%) and 29% became apprentices (national average 8.4%). The national unemployment rate for all 18 year olds is unfortunately still 11.5%. However, for UTCs it is 0.5%.