Year 12 Curriculum

If you are serious about turning your passion for STEM into a future career and are prepared to work hard to reach your goals, our Sixth Form is definitely the place for you.

We offer three pathways through sixth form; the engineering diploma, A levels or the combined route where you study for an engineering certificate and your choice of two A levels. No other college in the area offer this option, which is great for getting a general understanding of engineering alongside in depth study of two subjects of your choice.

A levels

A tailored academic route for more able students focused on delivering high quality A levels only. We offer a choice of three from:

  • Maths

  • Further Maths

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Computer Science

  • Geography

  • English language and literature


This route combines A levels with a Level 3 National Vocational Certificate, which is the equivalent of a third A level. Students taking this pathway can choose from any of the A levels courses we offer.


A vocational route centered on the Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma in Engineering, with a choice of two specialisms:

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Systems Design Engineering

  • Engineering Automation Control & Manufacturing Processes

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Enrichment is a core component of every students' study programme and continues to be during sixth form. Time for enrichment and training is set aside within the timetable each week and takes place during the college day. Students are able to select from a number of activities, all of which offer them skills that relate to our values.

Examples of training options are:

  • Microsoft office specialis

  • UK NEST Competition

  • EPQ (UCAS accredited)

  • CREST Award Gold

  • AutoCAD

  • Leadership training

Examples of enrichment options are:

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Junior Leaders’ Field Gun competition

  • Reverse engineering

  • Football and Refereeing

  • RPG Gaming and D&D

Progression from UTC Portsmouth

We support all our sixth form students in their future career aspirations and seek to offer them experience and opportunities to achieve their goals. The majority of our sixth form leavers plan to go to university, with many applying to Russel Group universities.

All students hear about the opportunities that university and apprenticeships offer, with more in depth sessions and visits available to students who want to pursue either of these routes. Guidance on completing applications of any kind is available to all students from experienced staff.

Hear from our current sixth form students on what their plans are after they leave UTC Portsmouth.