Enrichment is a core component of every students' study programme and takes place during the college day. Students are able to select from a number of activities, all of which offer them skills that relate to our values.

Examples of current Enrichment options:

D of E expedition group

D of E expedition group

  • D&D & Wargaming

  • UTC Magazine & Book Club

  • Ascension Technologies - Rockets (ATec)

  • Art Attack

  • Football and refereeing

  • Boot Camp

  • D of E Silver

  • Recycle a Cycle

  • Stocks and Shares - Lv2 Finance

  • Borneo fundraising

  • Soldering

  • CAD Satellite project - Airbus

  • Canoe Building - Royal Navy

  • Marine Biology

Examples of current Training options:

Lego League Into Orbit

Lego League Into Orbit

  • EPQ

  • CREST Award - Gold and Silver

  • Airgineers - Drone Challenge

  • Lego League

  • VEX Robotics

  • Junior Sports Leadership Award

  • Flight and Gliders - BAE

  • Greenpower Car - University of Portsmouth

  • Royal Navy Challenge