student leadership team

At UTC Portsmouth we hold elections each year for key student leadership positions. Candidates for student President come from Year 12 while Vice Presidents are from Year 10. Throughout their year of service, student leaders are the voice of the student body and bring ideas and issues directly the the college Principal. They also represent the college at key events, including open evenings and the new intake sixth form social.


joseph Rickman - President

Previous School: Ormiston Six Villages Academy

Study programme: A Level Maths, A level Physics and a Level 3 Engineering certificate

Why did you choose to study at UTC Portsmouth?: I loved the STEM focus of the college, it has a very specific set of subjects that I wanted to study. This meant the teaching is very specialised and the extracurricular options are tailored to the areas I would like to pursue after college. Also, the facilities are new and are unlike any other college meaning we get to experience industry level machinery and CNC, especially in subjects like engineering.

What are your plans for the future?: I would like to go to university to study design with the hopes of becoming a product designer.

Samuel Beer - President

Previous school: Springfield School

Study programme: A level Maths, A level Physics and Level 3 Engineering certificate

Why did you choose to come and study at UTC Portsmouth? : I chose to study here because of the ability to study engineering alongside two A levels. These options, combined with the strong STEM focus, allow me to develop what I am passionate in. The training, enrichment and mentoring slots during the week also not only give the college a caring and personalised experience but gives you an opportunity to develop your interests.

What are your plans for the future?: I will be going to university to study either Physics or Astronautical Engineering, to hopefully be an Astronautical engineer.



Angel Raju - Vice president

Previous school: Oaklands Catholic School
Options: Design Technology and Geography

Why did you choose to come and study at UTC Portsmouth?:  UTC offers amazing opportunities and high-quality education that has only helped other students improve in every way possible - both as an individual and as a student. It is one of the school's that offer a strong focus on STEM education and this draws me even more as I have an insatiable passion for science. As well as this, UTC is a close-knit community and an atmosphere where I feel safe and comfortable since the first day. 

What are your plans for the future?: I grew with my parents always explaining their daily life at work which was in a hospital and somehow it made me more and more curious about medicine. Now, I hope to go on to sixth form and study biology, chemistry and maths and then go to university to study medicine and become a general practitioner. 


Noorhantosha Al-Sharrai - Vice President

Previous School: Mayfield School

GCSE Options: Computer Science, Engineering and Statistics

Why did you choose UTC Portsmouth?: I chose UTC Portsmouth as it specialised in STEM (which is an area I have always had a passion for) had amazing facilities for students; as well as the teaching methods being strong and effective. UTC offers such substantial and prodigious opportunities which will definitely help me to overcome obstacles I need to tackle in my pathway here at UTC as well as help me gain skills needed in the workplace preparing me for the future ahead of me.

What are your plans for the future?: I hope to go on to college to do A-levels in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths; then to university in order to hopefully pursue a career in the medical field. I want to become a biomedical engineer or a doctor as I have always had a passion for discovering new treatments for diseases and make a difference in modern medicine.

Jack Eminton - Vice President (curriculum)

Previous school: Thornden School

Options: Computer Science and Design Technology

Why did you choose UTC Portsmouth?: I chose UTC Portsmouth for the specialist facilities and unique opportunities. UTC Portsmouth treats students as adults and eliminates the barrier between pupils and staff.  The UTC is designed to make a friendly and professional environment; this helps develop the vital skills wanted by employers. Although I get home much later than at my old school enjoy being able to go home, knowing I have no completed all independent work in school.

What are your plans for the future?: I wish to continue at the UTC for college and study Engineering or Computer Science. After college, I hope to get a degree apprenticeship in aerospace with one of our employer partners. I am also interested in becoming an engineer in the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force. I believe that the UTC‘s employer partners will provide the vital links needed to get into the industry.