Our distinctive features, values and drivers

UTC Portsmouth is passionate and committed to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and we want the students who come and study with us to be as well. 

But what makes us different to other colleges? We are about more than just achieving fantastic qualifications, our values help our students to have the skills and attributes to attain whatever they want to in terms of their career and university aspirations.

It is our intrinsic belief that simply completing a college education does not automatically open the right doors to all college leavers. Our curriculum has a strong focus on personal development and enrichment, often delivered by employers, embedded within the education provision to develop skills such as leadership, resilience and creative problem solving.

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The amount of women in STEM, especially engineering, has been low for many years across the sector. However, opportunities have never been better for women in STEM and UTC Portsmouth has a key aim at its heart to understand and change any gender disparities. Already, UTC Portsmouth has a higher number of girls than similar institutions. It is widely acknowledged that some STEM careers are still male dominated. Our employer partners actively target female candidates yet still do not receive enough applications from them. UTC Portsmouth will provide great female role models and the best information and guidance to the array of career opportunities that exist in STEM for all students regardless of gender.

In addition, girls who join us will:

► get to find out about real-life examples of women who are already succeeding in STEM roles so they can better envision pathways of their own

► see how STEM fits in with hobbies they already love

► be encouraged to take initiative in finding learning opportunities of their own and in enrichment time

► know that women of all ages benefit from seeing how science, technology, engineering, and maths fit into their existing roles or future careers

► very quickly discover that the STEM world of work is generally determined to recruit more women to fulfill vital roles, and to act as mentors and role models for future generations of female scientists, technologists and engineers.