Performance data: KS4

Overall, students reached expectations in national assessments and examinations and these results can be used as a starting point to the outcomes students achieve.

Most importantly, students overall:

  • achieved beyond expectations;

  • and/or achieved better than if they remained in their previous schools;

  • and/or moved on to appropriate destinations by developing excellent life skills.

It should be noted that “Progress 8” and “Attainment 8” scores are of limited relevance.

Progress 8 score – KS3 to Ks4 (time at the UTC) +0.33

Progress 8 – Ks2 to Ks4 (includes three years spent at previous schools) -0.66

What this data means: Student grades at UTC Portsmouth rose, on average, by ⅓ of a grade per subject.

Attainment 8 score 40.60

% of pupils achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and mathematics (up until January 2018 this was a ‘good’ pass) 38%

% of pupils entering for the EBacc 0%

% of pupils achieving the EBacc 0%

Details of pupil destinations 100% positive destinations (of which 87% to college, 13% apprenticeship.) – 0% NEETS

Performance data: KS5

A link to the school’s 16 to 18 performance tables page will be included when available.

Student ‘destinations’: 100% Positive Destinations (of which 54% University, 39% Apprenticeships, 7% Full time employment)