At UTC Portsmouth we pride ourselves on creating a functional but professional dress code for our students, that allows them to represent themselves and the UTC in a business-like manner.

We have the highest expectations of uniform throughout the college day, whether the students are working hard in a workshop or are dressed in business wear to greet VIP's or expected guests. 

Health and safety in our workshops is our top consideration, so engineering students will dress accordingly with protective footwear and clothing being an essential consideration. At the UTC there will be opportunities for students to wear formal business wear, and approach college trips, excursions or employer visits in a professional business manner.

UTC Portsmouth has three access pathways for 6th forms students and each has it's own specific uniform requirements, from protective wear for our engineering cohort to a more traditional relaxed code for our A-level students.

UTC Portsmouth has kept our uniform: modern, fucntional, durable and reasonably priced.

Should you have any specific uniform requirements,require additional information, or would like to try fitting some uniform please contact our admissions office who will be able to assist you.