‘Small but Mighty’ student success

Year 10 student Taya Fitzgerald has been celebrating some literary success, having been awarded runner up position in the Small but Mighty Autumn 12-15 Fiction competition.

The Small but Mighty Writers commented that; “Your story was beautifully written, with brilliant character development and an active plot. We couldn’t stop reading and we loved the clear and wonderfully wrapped up ending. We received a lot of entries and your story really stood out for us so you should be so proud of yourself.”

As a runner up, Taya will receive a certificate to commemorate her achievement.

Head of English, Mr Celestine also commented, “I’m thrilled for Taya – storytelling at its very best! So much talent can be noted in her narrative and what’s more you can truly sense the enjoyment Taya experienced when composing her story. I’m also very excited to observe the future successes that Taya is bound to have.”

See what you think by reading Taya’s story now:

Something Seemed to Change

She stood within the isolated hallways, head swivelling every so often as she leaned against the lockers. Her coal-black glasses rest upon her face, speckled here and there with rain drops. The tie that was around her neck was slightly askew, but she had not noticed. Few books were lazily held within her arms, all titled with various subjects. Sticking to one side of the corridor, her eyes were solely focused on one specific spot. A flicker of movement appears in her peripheral vision, which causes her to snap her head to the side momentarily; however, it was gone before she had a chance to see it.

When she turns back, he was just approaching, no visible emotion set upon his face. He was rather tall, so when he was in front of her, she had to crane her neck slightly toward the towering figure. His dirty blonde hair was slightly tousled, but couldn’t be noticed if you weren’t paying much attention.

“Was it all okay?” Marie asked.

“12:50. Dentist appointment. Not very difficult.”

Marie nods in response, and looks over her shoulder as she had moments ago. The coast was still clear. This brought a brief sense of relief, yet the slight anxiety still lingered.

“We should go.” Damon uttered, dragging Marie back to reality. Without waiting for a response, Damon marches past her, keeping up a steady pace. Marie follows suit, peering into the classrooms as they pass. Everyone inside seemed occupied with their task at hand. That was a good sign for them. She clutches desperately at the books within her arms. They finally reach the doors to reception, and linger around the outside. A slight sigh escapes Damon’s lips, and Marie completely understands why. It wasn’t the easiest.

“12:49.” Marie announces, more for her own encouragement. She can see that Damon is shifting awkwardly from foot to foot, gazing up at the clock, completely zoned out. She snaps her fingers and he visibly jumps, muttering an apology.

“We have to do this.” Marie states, looking her acquaintance dead in the eye. He looks physically uncomfortable, and Marie is slightly pleased with herself that she could have this effect. “It’s the only way.”

At this, Damon quickly shoves Marie roughly into the closet next to them. She curses under her breath when she stumbles – she knew she had to come into here, but he could’ve at least been gentler. The door is abruptly closed behind her, leaving her to be consumed by the darkness. Gulping, she waits for the door to reopen, as she searches around for the light switch. The dust within the cupboard made her splutter slightly, and she tried to make it as discreet as possible. She eventually located the switch, and the closet was illuminated.

An almost inaudible mumble is heard, coming from the other side of the door. The absence of warmth within the room makes Marie shudder, causing a chill to run down her spine and goosebumps appear.

After a moment, the door is swung open, and a figure is pushed inside, falling to the floor. The door slams, and a small click occurs.

“Wh- what is this?!” He exclaims, standing up and turning around. His mouth falls open into the shape of an “O”, as if his eyes could possibly be deceiving him.

“What are you doing here?!” He spits, his tone full of disgust.

“You know exactly why.” Marie replies, tone even. At these few words, Andrew seems to shrink, rendered clueless by the amount of confidence.

His facial expression is overcome with fear, a smidge of regret, and minute cowardice. This was what confused Marie the most.

“I… I didn’t mean to, honestly! It was… an accident! I just… I don’t…”

“You knew exactly what you were doing.” Marie’s eyes were full of spite and hatred, her tone venomous. “You knew she was my sister. Yet you still did it. Why? Why did you do it?”

 “I, I just said I didn’t mean to! I didn’t know what I was doing! I can’t even…” He trails off, not daring to look her in the eye. She recognises this as a sign of defeat. But, at that exact moment, the door opens for the third time within that hour.

“You.” Damon says in a low voice. He takes a step forward, eyes set on Andrew.

Then his eyes fall directly onto Marie.

“Your sister? You said this wasn’t about her! You said it was abo-”

“I know!” She squeaked, returning back to her usual self. The one who was always inferior, who didn’t have a second say, who was constantly scared of the people around her. Her true self.

“I know… I just… he did it, you know? He did it!”

Damon keeps a steady gaze with her, and the world seemed to stop. Her breathing quickened, not sure of what would happen next.

Then, taking all three of them by surprise, he pulls a gun out from behind him.

“I’m sorry,” he mutters, holding the gun in front of him, hands visibly shaking. “I’m so sorry.”

Then something seemed to change.

“I have to do this.”

And the gun sounds.