Principal’s Blog: June 2017

I always look forward to the month of June for many different reasons. Apart from the fact that it is obviously warmer, it contains the summer solstice when the Earth's maximum axial tilt toward the Sun is 23° 26’. On the 21st June this year, this maximum tilt means that the sun will be at its highest point and we will have the longest period of sunlight. In London, on the summer solstice, the sun will rise at 04:43 and set at 21:21. In addition, it is also a great month for seeing meteor showers in our skies - that’s if you can get to somewhere with little light pollution on a clear night.

The longer days have seen our college progressing very well too. Everything is still on schedule and I hope you have seen the latest images and videos we have released - even these become out of date after only one day, such is the impressive work rate taking place inside the college. In the last few days we have seen our internal staircase being finished, the lift installed, carpets laid as well as heating and ventilation coming close to a finish. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see for yourself how we are progressing. The college is already looking stunning - it really is a very light and spacious environment- and we are incredibly lucky to be working and learning together there.

We recently had a very important one day pre-opening inspection with Ofsted which went very well. I am pleased to report that the college and our procedures are considered to be safe and fully compliant.

Lately, we have devoted more time to planning your additional enrichment learning which is getting more exciting by the day. This will include a chance for you to engage with Autodesk Inventor, leadership training, Microsoft Office Specialist, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Duke of York Award, Junior Leaders’ Field Gun, The Young Engineers Royal Navy UTC Challenge, one out of: F1, Bloodhound or Land Rover BAR 4x4 Challenge, Science Crest Award, EPQ - Extended Project Qualification (for sixth form students), and a variety of other options yet to be confirmed.

There are a number of events to look forward to:

  • If you are joining our Sixth form in September, when you have finished your exams, we will be hosting a social event (probably a type of games event). This will give you an opportunity to meet lots of other students joining the sixth form and to hopefully have an enjoyable evening too. You will all have received invitations to the Isle of Wight water-sports UKSA week beginning on 14th August. Please get your applications and payment to us as soon as possible in order to secure a place. If you need reminding, sixth form students can apply here:
  • If you are joining our Year 10 in September don’t forget we have a Parents Information Evening on June 28th at 5pm to be held in the Trafalgar School main hall. It is  essential that you attend as we will be sharing all the important information you will need in order to be ready in September when you start. Also, please do not forget that you have been asked to attend one of our transition days at the University of Portsmouth on either 17th or 18th July.

There may be a chance for some Year 10 students to join the watersports week in Cowes (see above). So, watch this space!

Of course, all students and families are invited to join us for one of our college tours taking place during July and August which will be announced soon

I will have more to tell you in July when we have a great deal more access to the college and when we will be able to start ‘moving in’

Also, please look out for us on Instagram and Snapchat as these are places we will be using to share with you images, videos and useful information

Ciaran O’Dowda